Get the data you need, the way you need it from our leading Digital performance tracking and insights platform.

We pull and crunch data from multiple leading marketing technology providers, your own data, Google Analytics and our custom cookies to provide performance analysis reports showing exactly the insights you need. We custom build your dashboards to display the information you need, the way you need it.

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Enterprise level businesses


Revolutionary Reporting

Once configured, our system slices all of your data – site visits, engagement, traffic sources, rankings and more – by category. So, you can see how your Content Marketing campaign affected the rankings or engagement metrics of a specific area of your site. Or you can see where your rankings are improving most and which areas of your site need more work.

Complete Customisation

We can take any data source, any API, and merge it to our system to collect together all of the data that matters to you. We can customise your dashboard to show everything you need in the way you need it, even producing different reports for different levels of staff.

Excel & PowerPoint Based

Fancy dashboard logins are nice, but we know they never get used. So, we’ve built a platform which works with MS Excel and PowerPoint to give you easily shareable reports in a format your colleagues will be familiar with.

Global Coverage

Our SEO tracking can monitor your visibility in all major search engines, in any country and any language. In APAC, we also cover Naver in Korea and in Baidu China.

USG Boral Wildfire Analytics Case Study

With a heavy digital focus, USG Boral needed a report which pulled together not just on-site metrics but multiple external Digital performance indicators. Our 12 custom dashboards connected Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools data with keyword tracking on 3 separate search engines in 12 different countries and 6 languages. We created an alert system showing new rankings gained and previous rankings lost so that we could quickly take advantage of opportunities and address issues. We also built in analysis of impression data for a different set of brand terms for each region on a monthly basis, demonstrating changes in Brand search volumes over time.

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Segmented Analytics Solution


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