USG Boral Case Study


SEO performance exceeded all KPIs significantly - traffic increased over 200%

USG Boral manufactures and supplies plasterboard based wall, ceiling lining systems and accessories in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. We delivered Digital and SEO Strategies in 12 different markets, in 6 different languages.


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the case study

The Problem

USG Boral faced a number of issues in digital. With 12 different business units all operating as unique entities in 12 different markets, a unified approach to Digital Strategy was a challenge. SEO would have to consider different search engine optimisation techniques, covering Baidu, Naver and Google simultaneously. Whilst Content had to consider 6 different languages and 12 different sets of target audiences.

The Solution

Wildfire Digital advised on a completely localised website setup with folder level search engine geo-targeting and unique content and unique Digital Strategies would follow for each of the 12 regions. Each business unit was treated as a separate client, with a unified approach to data strategy and training.

The Results

A 2 day Digital workshop and on-going support has up-skilled marketing departments business-wide, whilst informing the localised Digital Strategies. SEO performance exceeded all KPIs significantly, with traffic increasing over 200% and rankings in all regions for high value keywords. The technical SEO setup made sure the right local region sites ranked in the right local search engines, delivering more relevant traffic.

key stats
200% Increase
in Organic traffic
12 markets
with unique, local Digital Strategies
3 Pieces of Wildfire Tech
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