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Get the data you need, the way you need it, from our leading digital performance tracking and insights platform.

We pull and crunch data from; multiple leading marketing technology providers, your own data, Google Analytics and our custom cookies, to provide performance analysis reports showing exactly the insights you need, the way you need it.


Enterprise level businesses


What is Wildfire Analytics?

Proprietary performance monitoring and reporting solution, designed to help large organisations provide multiple stakeholder levels with a holistic and customised view of their Digital Marketing Ecosystem.

Wildfire Analytics is an end-to-end reporting service, from tracking setup and integration, to custom visualisations, to analysis and insights commentary.

Unique Data Segmentation Technology

We identify core categorizations to provide valuable brand and business insights.

Our technology tracks keyword and competitor movements and pulls in data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other APIs – This data is then sliced and segmented to show insights at various category levels.

This revolutionary approach to analysis delivers unparalleled insights which can be used to take strategic action.

At the category level, we can report on…

Monthly Performance Reporting

Fancy dashboards are nice, but it can take time to understand them. So, we’ve built a platform which works with MS Excel to give you easily shareable reports in a format your colleagues will be familiar with.

Executive Reporting

Business Reporting


Get more in depth reporting to understand what's working and what isn't. Key insights that will help support your marketing campaigns and ongoing work.

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