Introducing The New Wildfire Analytics

June 18, 2019

At Wildfire Digital we like to innovate; we’re problem solvers and solution creators. Through our years of experience we’ve used almost all of the popular digital marketing programs and tools to help savvy marketers, data analysts and strategists. We like to think what sets us apart is our drive to continually challenge what’s gone before and never to settle. It’s this attitude that has allowed us to break new ground in the data and digital marketing space and to deliver more value than ever for our clients.

Website Analytics in 2019

Many, if not all, of the most popular website analytics programs used today such as Google Analytics, Site Catalyst (Adobe) and Kissmetrics, can provide you with some great insights around your website(s) performance. However, from our experience working with clients of all sizes and in almost every industry, we’ve identified some common issues – which of course can misinform clients/shareholders and lead them to make wrong decisions with budget and affect the bottom line.\n\nSome of the most common issues with website analytics programs clients face include;

  • Incorrect attribution, an array of data errors (that also affect MoM and YoY comparisons)
  • Unchecked spam
  • Unfiltered internal traffic
  • Incorrect tagging
  • Unexplained discrepancies between analytics platforms (often due to stored information expiry and interpretation)
  • Problems understanding and evaluating your data

Although many of these can be deemed more a servicing issue than a program issue, they are still common problems that cause uncertainty for the client.

Introducing Wildfire Analytics: What does it do differently?

Wildfire Analytics combines the industry’s most popular website analytics platform, Google Analytics, with client-collected data, ranking data and competitor data from leading marketing technology providers and our custom cookies and tracking parameters. All of this is first analysed for its accuracy and reliability, and those common issues above are addressed through advanced data tagging, tracking and manipulation, before final integration into Wildfire Analytics. Let’s break that down:

  • Data collection
  • Data refinement + fixes
  • Data analysis
  • Integration into Wildfire Analytics
  • Regular or Adhoc Reporting / Dashboard creation
Wildfire Analytic Core Components

Data Segmentation

It’s our experience that clients aren’t always shown performance to the level they need it. Take any client with multiple service offerings or product offerings; the competitors to one offering may be completely different to those for another. However we’ve often seen client reports which only compare the 3 or 5 key competitors to the overall brand/business. We use segmentation to treat each service/product offering as an individual entity, for deeper insights, and inform clients at a more granular level how they can improve performance.

Take engagement as an example: site-wide engagement metrics aren’t granular enough to understand which specific areas of a website aren’t resonating with audiences. Looking at engagement metrics at the service offering or product offering category level will help identify which areas need the most work – this can be particularly useful when looking more holistically at marketing focus and sales department focus.

Data Visualisation

There are many data visualisation tools out there, such as Tableau, Domo, Sisense and Power BI (Microsoft). These do a great job of showing your data in a range of formats. Agencies often use these tools, as it would be far too resource and time-demanding for clients to use internally – they can take some time to master, and need dedicated ongoing resource. This can result in clients paying a premium for data visualisation, and as the agencies may not always have fully grasped the complete capabilities of those programs, the outputs can be somewhat limited. If on top of this your data hasn’t been assessed for its accuracy, then all you’re left with is a pretty report (which is pretty useless) – all style and no substance.

Wildfire Analytics Reporting

We wanted our reporting to show useful insights in a visually appealing way, on a platform that everyone is familiar with. We brought on board expert talent from Nielsen to help us create reports that show data and insights in the right way. We produce these reports in MS Excel and MS PowerPoint formats so (should you choose to), you can edit reports with ease.

Working with many clients has taught us that different people, particularly at different levels of a business, want different information and data in their reporting – so we’ve catered for just that! Wildfire Analytics is designed to produce in-depth website performance reporting, executive summary reports for management level personnel and even business reporting for director level and upper management.

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