Wildfire Digital appointed to Shuttle Delivery's account in Seoul

February 17, 2019

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, 11 FEBRUARY 2019 – Shuttle Delivery announced that their Paid Search account has been awarded to the Wildfire Digital Global Team. The announcement was made a week after Wildfire Digital presented a new digital strategy for the South Korean food delivery business.

Shuttle Delivery will now also be using Wildfire Digital’s newest tech, Wildfire Analytics, to enhance their e-commerce Google Analytics data to be able to see more in-depth insights to penetrate the South Korean online consumers more effectively.

Wildfire Digital has won multiple accounts in the last 12 months in the Asia-Pacific region. The company recently expanded their core executive team in June, 2018 – filling in the role of commercial & data integration director.

About Shuttle Delivery

Shuttle Delivery provides delivery services from a variety of Seoul’s best restaurants. Shuttle Delivery is currently the leading go-to food delivery service provider in Seoul, South Korea – providing expats and non-Korean speaking residents an easy to access food delivery services via their mobile app.

About Wildfire Digital

Wildfire Digital is an independent digital marketing agency that focuses on providing new digital strategies and solution implementations for advertisers around the globe.

The company was founded in 2010 in London, UK, by 2 co-founders which has now grown into a multi-million dollar business. Wildfire Digital develops their own software and tech, which brings innovation and new strategy angles for their existing clients. Wildfire Digital now operates in more than 12 countries worldwide, providing expertise in the Asia-Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, Middle East and Europe.

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