Recruitment Shakeup: Google Announces Its New Jobs Search Engine

May 17, 2017

Google have announced a new Search Engine for Jobs, aimed at job seekers. The job Search Engine, which Google mentioned at their I/O developer conference this week, is set to be rolled out soon in the US first - as with most new features - and later in other markets around the world.

Google for Jobs is said to cover all types of roles, from junior to upper level, in all industries. It is apparently not trying to replace the recruitment agent, but to work with them and help candidates to better find the jobs recruiters are looking to fill.

Google have said that they will not be trying to compete with job search services like Facebook, LinkedIn and Glassdoor, but will actually be partnering with them. Google for Jobs will pull from these services and aggregate the roles fund on these platforms. This is likely to result in some concentration of attention to certain platforms at the disadvantage of others, and later down the line we would not be surprised if this ended with a Google monopolisation of search traffic to paid job results, slowly squeezing the market and taking a slice from middle men such as

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