Introducing RecruitSpark - Google for Jobs Insights Reports

May 14, 2020

RecruitSpark has been specially created for our recruitment clients and is our answer to understanding performance in the Google for Jobs search engine. If you are yet to hear about Google for Jobs you can learn more about it here. And to optimise your content towards it so that your jobs can show read our previous post on it here. If you are not sure how to optimise your job listings to be featured in Google for Jobs you can get in touch.

What Is RecruitSpark?

RecruitSpark is our monitoring and insights solution to help you understand performance in the Google for Jobs search engine and get specific details on job popularity. RecruitSpark provides you with regular performance reports with insights that can be used to help optimise your listings further, improving their visibility in the Google for Jobs results.

What Data Does RecruitSpark Report On?

RecruitSpark will show an array of information in its reports including:

Impression data; so you can see how many times your listings were shown within the Google for Jobs platform

Click-through rate data; to see which listings are the most attractive to jobseekers

Keyword rankings data; to see which keywords are generating impressions in the Google for Jobs platform - that can then be used to further optimise you job listing templates

Categorisation; grouping your jobs into job categories to get a broader perspective on which job categories are performing best for you

How Can My RecruitSpark Reports Be Used?

By understanding what job listings and job categories are performing best in the Google for Jobs platform it can allow you to make adjustments on your website. The most popular jobs and job categories in your Google for Jobs reports might want to be made front and centre on your website with direct links from your homepage, so in turn these listings are easier for jobseekers to find regardless of how they come to your site.

Get Wildfire Digital Involved

With hundreds if not thousands of jobs being updated regularly across recruitment websites, it's yet another challenge internally for recruiters to ensure the best jobs are getting noticed by the right people, and ultimately getting filled successfully. Wildfire Digital can help with that. And with the help of RecruitSpark can't apply a data-led approach to get your site performing much better in search results and the Google for Job platform. If you'd like to know more, get in touch.

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