Google My Business VS Website - What Do Customers Trust More?

May 8, 2019

There has been a lot of chatter around Google My Business of late; increased features, a rise in spam, the speculation around Google My Business having paid service options. It might be of interest to many local business owners to know more consumers trust websites over Google My Business for accuracy of information. A recent survey from BrightLocal that asked a series of questions to 500 consumers indicated that for SMBs, their websites were a critical component to their marketing and communications.\n

Here's how things stacked up when asked what is the best source for information:

  • 62% GMB listing/profile (in search results)
  • 49% The business website
  • 44% GMB listing/profile (in Google Maps)
  • 23% Online directory
  • 13% None of the above

Multiple responses were allowed. Google My Business came top with the business website coming second.\n

Some other key stats from the survey found:

  • 50% of consumers would be deterred from using a local business if contact information was out of date on their website.
  • 75% of respondents visited the SMB's website at least half the time after a local search. With 22% always visiting the website after a local search.
  • Almost twice the amount of respondents expected the website to have more accurate content than Google My Business.

The most used features of Google My Business were checking for opening hours followed by finding directions and then reading reviews. 38% however used the website link feature which indicates consumers still can't get everything they desire from GmB or feel they may need to double check certain pieces of information.\n\n

If you had to choose one or the other?

Many local business owners don't have enough time or resource to focus on the full spectrum of marketing channels, but knowing what the stats tell us can help them to make more sensible choices on where to devote their efforts. Google My Business is still important and having accurate information on your listing(s) is step one (particularly if you are a restaurant - view graph below), but knowing a high percentage of consumers will visit your website as well, indicates just how important your website development is.

If you're interested in getting a specialist to look at your Google My Business or business website, get in touch with us.

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