Google My Business to Become a Paid Service

May 7, 2019

Last month Google sent out surveys to some local businesses to try and understand if they would pay for certain features of Google My Business that they are currently getting for free.

The survey specifically asked how much they would pay with package options up to $70 per month. Suggested paid services included request a quote, automated review/message responses, booking buttons, removal of ads from a profile, Google search results placement, verified reviews and more.

Google My Business (or Google Places in the early days) has always lacked an adequate level of support and response time on addressing GmB issues. Over the last few years more and more features, and insights, have been developed within Google My Business.

Now Google My Business has a prime position on the Local Search radar it's no surprise Google is investigating how to potentially monetise it. It would seem a little out of sorts to commit to this new revenue stream but it would solve the growing issues Google My Business has been having if that revenue went towards more dedicated support.

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