A Business Plan Delivering Over 295% Increase in Quality Candidates in 12 Months

Read more on how Wildfire Digital analysed Salt's digital marketing activity and used data to build a business plan that improved weak areas of their sales pipeline to generate more targeted and higher quality site traffic that converted, resulting in some pretty impressive job application activities.


Salt's Problem

Poor Quality Leads
Salt invested heavily into many parts of digital marketing such as paid ad campaigns, SEO and content amplification, but it drove more of the wrong applicants for the sales team at Salt.

Heavy dependency on job boards such as Indeed and poor paid campaign optimizations had led to irrelevant applicants just ‘looking’ for a job in the sales funnel. The labor-intensive qualifying processes of the sales team were being spent on poor quality leads and had minimal success, driving no ROI.
Couldn’t Measure What Worked AND WHAT Didn't
Marketing teams at Salt couldn’t measure which marketing channels worked and which didn’t. Without this, the marketing team wasn’t able to effectively allocate their marketing budget to the right marketing channels to maximize ROI; they were flying blind. This also meant they couldn’t deliver the highest quality leads to the sales team.

This ultimately led to bad allocation of the marketing budget and high volumes of poor-quality leads and an increase of the hours required from the sales team in the qualification process globally.


Annual Traffic & Conversion Numbers
Salt gained large amounts of traffic from paid ad campaigns and other digital marketing solutions, but it led to more poor-quality leads to qualify rather than the higher revenue returns they expected.

Out for 4 major markets, only the UK was generating limited amounts of conversions, whilst other regions generated no conversions due to the low conversion rate and low volume of traffic based on poorly-executed marketing strategies.

A Business Plan Delivering OVER 295% Increase in Quality Candidates in 12 Months

Wildfire Digital's Solution

Better Data. Smarter Marketing. Stronger Leads.
Using proprietary innovation, Wildfire Digital used an advanced business intelligence tracking software to collect the necessary data to run multi-dimensional diagnostics in the Salt lead pipeline to identify the underlying issues in each section.

Through this multi-layered auditing process, Wildfire Digital was able to identify the core issues and design a solutions blueprint that prioritized areas of focus based on Salt’s budget and business timelines.

Through Wildfire’s leading innovation software, Salt was able to understand how each of their marketing channels were delivering leads and why quality was not being hit consistently.

Having clear visibility and comprehension of how each paid campaign, ad and lead engagement came about online, allowed Salt to push their marketing budget to the right people, in the right places and at the right time.

This led to a significant improvement in traffic volumes and quality leads, which ultimately lead to higher conversions and revenue and a huge ROI.
Annual Traffic & Conversion Numbers
Global Growth by Conversion Types
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