Our reputation monitoring system not only helps you to track your brand’s Organic visibility in terms of positive, negative, controlled and uncontrolled results, but acts as an early warning system should we see incoming problems or changes in review site ratings.

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Enterprise level businesses

Organic Brand Monitoring

Any of your marketing activities will lead people to carry out a search on one of your brand terms at some stage, usually before converting. This may be to find your site again after an initial visit, or it might be to check out reviews of your brand. If they don’t like what they see, this could mean they go to a competitor.

Organic Brand Monitoring analyses your brand results on a regular basis to give you insights into the overall picture; comparing the positive, negative and neutral results. We can look at controlled vs uncontrolled results to assess the overall potential for volatility, and track the review score on any ranking review websites so drops can be reacted to.

Early Alert System

We track movements of any negative results which might be on the second page of results so that we can react to any concerning movements towards the first page. These movements, along with any drops in page one brand reputation health, will trigger alerts to our project managers so that they can help you take the appropriate action.

Monthly Excel Based Reports

We provide a monthly (or weekly if necessary) report in a neat excel dashboard so that you can stay informed and share status or progress easily with key stakeholders.

Global Coverage

Search results are different for people in different locations. Our reputation tracking can monitor your brand results in all major search engines, in any country and any language so you can make sure you aren’t missing anything in your key markets.

Our Full Suite of Tools

And our A.I. partner, Incendium

Our integration interface between your data, and our tools, tech, and strategists.

Combined data sources together in our leading digital insights software.

Protect against technical issues that can damage your site performance.

Our digital reputation monitoring and alert system to tackle negative sentiment.

The world’s first platform for analysing Google For Jobs performance.

Our AI-powered, omnichannel, automated marketing platform partner.

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