A Pure SEO Takes a Company From a 3 Man Operation to 60 Staff

Vapemate was a small company starting out in a fairly new industry, providing flavoured eliquids and vaping products. Advertising restrictions on tobacco companies meant that SEO was the only route possible for advertising, and the results exceeded anything the 3 founders could have hoped for.

Client & Category


Vaping & eLiquid


The Case Study

The Problem

Vapemate were a small player in a new market. They’d been running as a 3 man operation from a garage for 2 years. Advertising was an issue, as Vape products were classified as tobacco products and restrictions were tough – Adwords was completely off limits.

The Solution

A pure SEO strategy was the only option. An in depth project covered all areas to maximise impact, from technical SEO, keyword research, content optimisation, to link building and content marketing. UX and CRO was also used to make sure the traffic delivered as much value as possible.

The Results

Within 12 months, the business was transformed with Organic delivering a 10x increase in transactions. Vapemate grew from the 3 man operation in a garage to 60+ staff, driven by number 1 Google rankings for top industry keywords like ‘e liquid’. The project is a perfect example of what SEO can deliver, as no other marketing avenue was an option.

Key Stats


Company Growth

8000+ Rankings

Relevant Organic Keywords

1150% Increase

in Transaction Volume

Budget Split
SEO (100%)