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Google for Jobs was launched in 2017 as Google’s first Job Search Tool. It was created to enable people to find job listings more easily. If you’re a recruiter it’s critical your job listings are listed. It’s also critical you understand how your job listings are performing – that’s where RecruitSpark comes in.

Suitable For

Enterprise level recruitment businesses


What is RecruitSpark?

In an effort to give our clients the edge in this competitive sector, we developed RecruitSpark โ€“ a monitoring and insights solution to help you understand performance in the Google for Jobs search engine and get specific details on job popularity.

Your Job Listings Visibility and Click-Through Rate

See how many impressions your listings got within the Google for Jobs platform on an ongoing basis and see how effective your listings were at generating interest through click-through rate data. Use this information to optimise your job listings and see what’s working and what isn’t.


Data Categorisation

We configure your reports so that you can track performance, in terms of rankings, clicks and impressions data, by categories. For example, we can group together impressions around Finance jobs, or engineering, so you can understand how your performance is changing by the most important areas to your business.

Keyword Rankings & Insights

See how your rankings are changing over time for different categories of keywords. Mine your data to help inform content optimisations for future job postings!


Reporting Dashboard

Get a monthly (or weekly if necessary) report in a neat excel dashboard so that you can stay informed and share status or progress easily with key stakeholders.

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