Working with Wildfire Digital is a unique experience for our clients

You’ll benefit from our winning strategies, our fully integrated interface for full visibility on your project and our bespoke tools giving you the deepest insights you’ve ever had.

Building Your Strategy

We start by building a solid understanding of your business through an in-depth discovery workshop.

When we know your challenges, strengths and limitations and your objectives we work through our strategy pyramid and lay out the required deliverables to hit your KPIs.

Wildfire Connect  

Wildfire Connect is our integration interface between your data, our tools and tech, and our optimisation strategists.

Data – Deeper Analysis & Insights, Faster

    • Connect our GTM/GA upgrades for deeper insights
    • Link your GA & Webmaster Tools
    • Our SERP tracker monitors your target keywords in any engine, in any country

Project Management – Tightly Organised, Transparent Delivery

    • Wildfire Connect is integrated with the Teamwork PM platform, so we run your projects on the best in PM solutions.
    • Your project schedule and delivery statuses can be viewed at any time through the Teamwork PM interface, giving you full transparency.

Finance – Always Accurate, Always On Time

    • Our project management tools automatically feed in to our invoicing, so you’re billed for what’s delivered.
    • Billing is automated, but signed off by your project manager so it’s always accurate & on time.

Proprietary Toolset – Your Data, Directly Integrated

    • We connect to multiple industry APIs which cost us thousands of dollars each month so that we have the best external data to work with.
    • On top of this data, we’ve built our own digital toolset which merges the best external data, your internal data and our methodology.
    • Our proprietary SEO & Digital tools, which are already integrated with your data, are accessed directly through Wildfire Connect by our strategists.

Upgrade Your Analytics with DataFlare

Our tracking enhancement for Google Analytics & GTM super-charges your data collection, allowing for offline-online revenue attribution, persona tracking and much more.

We’ll configure your analytics setup to deliver exactly the metrics you need, the way you need them, to the people who need them in your organisation.

Set Up The Modules Your Business Needs

We have developed multiple pieces of marketing technology in-house which tackle specific business challenges, or provide industry specific insights.

We’ll set up and configure what you need.

About Wildfire Digital

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Our Team

Every member of the executive team has come from global media agency backgrounds.


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