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550% Increase in Job Application Conversions Globally

We conquered some difficult data-related challenges and still managed to dramatically increase conversions for a leading Digital Recruitment Agency within a 12 month period!

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It all starts with data…

Recruitment is one of the most interesting spaces in online; there are so many challenges with data, such as attribution and linking offline revenues to online conversions, and a complicated landscape of paid media, SEO, aggregators and of course Google Jobs. Despite these challenges and complexities, we’ve achieved fantastic results working with several brands across APAC, UK and US markets.

Our Tools & Tech Will Help Your GrowTH

Our proprietary tools have proved invaluable to our eCommerce clients.


RecruitSpark is a world first; this Wildfire Digital tool analyses Google For Jobs performance; providing insights that our clients can use to help optimise their job listings. It also helps to highlight onsite improvements for overall site development. For more detailed information on RecruitSpark read our recent article on it here.


Wildfire Connect is our central hub, where we manage your project from. In here we can access all our tools and research programs to help us build insights that will ultimately shape your unique growth strategy.


Wildfire Analytics uses your performance data, data from industry leading programs, and our own custom parameters to help you understand which areas of your site are working well. The granularity our Wildfire Analytics provides allows us to make very specific recommendations that will generate the most impact.


TechProtect is our early warning alert system to ensure your site stays technically sound. It’s not uncommon for development changes to affect site indexation, making your webpages unsearchable. TechProtect is all you need.


FIREGUARD is our reputation management software. It tracks your brand’s visibility in terms of positive, negative, controlled and uncontrolled results. By tracking sentiment, we can act fast to ensure your brand is always seen in the best light and work on a strategy to improve brand perception.


How we helped Salt develop a new website with optimal visibility and an incredible 550% uplift in job applications!


Wildfire Digital were engaged to work directly with Salt’s 3rd party web-development agency on their multi-region website redevelopment project, which included the UK, UAE, USA and ASIA regions.

Wildfire Digital conducted intensive SEO research to ensure all technical aspects were adhered to as a data-informed site structure recommendations, and content creations/development from launch.

This propelled rankings and delivered more relevant to higher converting visitors. On-going SEO work continued after launch which maintained an upward trajectory of performance.

Salt experienced a 400% increase in overall Organic visibility and 300% increase in page 1 rankings, which delivered a 550% increase in applications. The Global Head of Digital estimated the project had delivered £800,000 in additional revenue in the first year. Visibility increased in all markets; to drive business expansion.

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