Our tracking enhancement for Google Analytics & GTM super-charges your data collection, allowing for offline-online revenue attribution, persona tracking and much more.

The Google Analytics tracking code is a one-size fits all solution; it’s fine for small websites but it is not suitable for enterprise level businesses or companies which have a heavy digital focus. DataFlare enhances data collection, provides additional metrics and allows tracking of new data points such as personas.

Suitable For

Enterprise level businesses


Link Offline Sales Data to Online Conversion Sources

Our custom tracking cookie records a user’s multiple touch points to your site and can then pass this through to your CRM system. So, you can track even down to the specific keyword how much revenue your conversions are driving and properly attribute the ROI of your different marketing activities.

Revolutionary Persona Tracking

With the detailed targeting available on platforms such as Facebook & LinkedIn, Paid Social campaigns, email campaigns and other activities can pass through persona data to DataFlare which allows you to report in GA – or Wildfire Analytics.



Improved Content Metrics

Bounce rate is no longer an accurate measurement of how well your content is performing. Understand the performance of your content better with additional metrics and more accurate bounce rate stats. We’ll modify tracking data to report bounce rates differently depending on how a user interacts with a page – so if they landed, had solid positive interaction, found all they needed to and left, we can choose to report this differently. We’ll also add new metrics which can be reported on or accessed in GA such as scroll rates & content categorisation.

Ucruise DataFlare Case Study

Ucruise’s entire business was built on Digital, using SEO & PPC to drive leads and grow rapidly. The big challenge was that once a strong position had been established, in order to push more efficiency a deeper understanding of data was needed. Once a conversion was made, there was no way to know if a certain conversion lead to a sale – and so on aggregate it was impossible to know how effective each marketing channel was.

Once DataFlare was implemented, the entire path to purchase could be passed in to the CRM system. This meant that the exact keyword leading to a conversion could be tracked to the amount of revenue driven from that lead. This level of insight on ROI gives a massive competitive advantage meaning Ucruise can be, and is, the biggest spender on Adwords in the industry in Australia.

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