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Warning: Your Web Development Agency Doesn’t Know SEO!

Web development agencies are all offering SEO services these days. It’s such an easy sell – Their client has just spent a load of money on a nice new website, now all they need to say is:

“You need to get visitors to your site; not doing SEO is like opening a shop without blah blah blah…”

But the VAST majority of these companies DO NOT HAVE THE FIRST CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING! This is something many SEO’s can relate to, often hearing that clients have had somebody ‘attempt’ SEO in the past but it didn’t help. This decreases their faith that SEO is worth investing in – a crying shame!

This infographic highlights just some of the things we have heard from web development agencies through our clients with the aim to help companies make the right decision when choosing someone to do their SEO.

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